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Oriental Screens & Furniture

"Shoji" Screens

3 piece custom Mahogany room divider screen

   Traditional Japanese 'Shoji' is a sliding door system, but I also customize Shoji any way you want, to enhance your home: pocket doors, closet doors, window treatments, or as room dividers, either freestanding or floor-to-ceiling.

"Hinged" Shoji screens with rice paper backing,
concealing the vertical blinds behind them.

Before - with vertical blinds   After - with 3 sliding Shoji
3 sliding Shoji screens, backed with Bamboo motif rice paper.   Grille Detail
Half-lap joint construction

Rice paper gives you privacy, while still letting light in.
Here are a few of the variety of patterns:


White Silk



Yellow Silk


Japanese Style Furniture

"Tansu" style storage cabinet.

"Book-matched" Spanish Red Cedar
40" x 60" x 12"
available in various configurations.


Japanese "Step Tansu" nightstand Oriental style bookcase